Whether you’re a total beginner who’s never picked up a guitar before, or a self-taught player looking to expand their abilities, you’ve come to the right place.

I work individually with each of my students to create a curriculum tailored to his or her specific skill level and stylistic interests. Together for one hour a week we’ll work on developing new skills, honing the basics and learning simple steps to mastery of music theory. I teach in person, via skype, and also offer tutorial downloads.

For bulk pricing, requests for remote or digital lessons, and scheduling inquiries:




As a life-long student, Daniel Seriff is consistently honing his abilities as both teacher and player. His studies have taken him across the country and involved him in music from around the world. Daniel shares his approach to music with novice musicians who wish to play just for the love of music and relaxation, as well as those aspiring to be or already are professional working musicians. With lessons based on core concepts and proven pedagogical practices, all levels of students can benefit from lessons with him.

Daniel currently teaches as adjunct faculty at Guilford College, in Greensboro, North Carolina; at Industries For The Blind, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina; at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts Summer Session; as well as at his private, state of the art recording/teaching studio in Winston-Salem.

A highly regarded educator, Daniel has been a clinician at The National Guitar Workshop, Charlotte Guitar Festival, British Guitar Academy, University of North Carolina School Of The Arts, Piedmont Classical Guitar Society Guitarganza, and numerous other clinical opportunities.

For private lessons, Daniel offers an approach tailored to each student. He provides his students with the latest technological aids to serve their learning. Recording audio and video samples, jam tracks, customized handouts, and online file sharing, he helps the student to reach his or her goals effectively because of the specific resources provided to the student, at any time, to reiterate key points from lessons.



"I’ve been taking guitar lessons from Daniel for almost two years, and still look forward to it every week. He challenges me to do more than I think I am able, but he’s patient when I (frequently) get frustrated. He’s been a fantastic instructor."

— Dr. Trish K.
College Professor

"Daniel’s Diagonal Pentatonic Method has totally opened up my appreciation for and use of the entire fret board. It is remarkable that by knowing this simple pattern, I can easily recognize how to move around in a scale, improvise more easily, and overall become a much better guitarist and musician."

— Pete S.
Wake Forest Professor

"Dan accommodates my busy schedule and offers me lessons both face-to-face and online. Given the opportunity, you should check him out live or listen to his recorded material: Good chops worth hearing and taking note thereof."

— Glen H.
Professor of IT

"Few people possess the ability to perform at a master level yet have the patience and talent to teach. Daniel not only helps me build repertoire but instills an understanding of music theory and how to put it to practical use. His approach is motivational yet challenging. I look forward to my session each week."

— L. Jernigan

"As studied and talented a musician as Daniel is, and that is considerably studied and talented, beyond that, he has a beautifully natural and intuitive gift for teaching"

— Rob S,
Retired Educator


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