Master the Minor Pentatonic Scale and create great music!


Download my 30 page Ebook and quickly learn how to play confidently, across the guitar neck, in any key. Over six thousand people have downloaded this book!! The Diagonal Pentatonic is the key to unlocking the entire guitar neck and making great music. 

Daniel Seriff Will Guide You Step-By-Step



Free video lessons to help you expand your understanding of music and how to play guitar. 


Learn to bridge the gap between knowledge and application. 


From ambient soundscapes to screaming solo guitar, Daniel Seriff has been bending brainwaves and wowing audiences with his dedication to stringed instruments since 1999.

A junkie for sounds, textures, and the beauty of melody, Daniel is a consummate modern musician. Committed to playing the right part, at the right time, or understanding the importance of silence, Daniel excels in all musical contexts.

As a guitarist, teacher, session musician, clinician, producer, engineer, and gear aficionado, Daniel has experience well beyond his years.  A lifelong student, an experienced educator, and seasoned performer, Daniel has traveled the United States sharing his music and methods with a broad variety of students and audiences. At only 30 years of age, he has played and taught with numerous of the world’s leading performers and teachers, yet is just beginning his career arc.  

Explore the following pages in order to see, hear, and learn from Daniel. You can check out his method, the gear he uses, buy lesson packages or backing tracks, or hire Daniel for your next gig or recording session.


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