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  • The Diagonal Pentatonic scale is a revolutionary way to master the Pentatonic Scale in Major and Minor across the entire guitar neck
  • Incredibly simple system that breaks you out of the pentatonic box
  • Play in any key fluidly
  • Play anywhere on the guitar neck flawlessly
  • Break out of the box and feel fluent with Major and Minor pentatonics.

Use this breakthrough method to easily understand what you’re playing, master the fretboard, and communicate more effectively with other musicians. 


Mastering Diagonal Arpeggios: A Complete Guide

Get your copy of "Mastering Diagonal Arpeggios" today to learn to fluidly connect these two note per string arpeggios across the entire guitar neck.

What you'll get:

  • Step by step exercises that work to get these in your playing so you can make music, ASAP.
  • Interactive tabs and backing tracks.
  • No nonsense video instruction. 
  • Step by step instruction from beginner to advanced players.


What People Are Saying:

I have been an online student of Daniel's for over 10 years and have gone from bedroom musician to confident on-stage improviser in that time. I attribute my development to Daniel's commitment and unique, science-backed approach to teaching. Within the course itself you will get all of the great benefits of his instruction in an on-demand service. The course itself walks you through a number of different exercises to practice the diagonal arpeggios to quickly get them under your fingers. The variety of exercises will keep your arpeggio practice fresh and interesting. Most importantly, he walks you through ways to use them in your own improvisation and start practicing them in a musical context. Daniel is keen to make each video succinct and easy to follow with high quality production value. I highly recommend this course for beginner and intermediate musicians looking to improve their understanding of the fretboard and how to make their practice sound like music.

Colin S.