Street Music Theory: Interactive Ebook

This e-book focuses on developing musical technique, vocabulary and an understanding of how melody and harmony combine to create the essentials of music. By breaking down musical theory principles into stages, this book makes it easier to understand the foundations of music. 

No music reading skills necessary. All lessons are communicated in easy to read format and supported by videos for each chapter.

What you'll get:

  • 85 pages of easy to read lessons.
  • 18 simple and easy to read chapters with interactive videos.
  • Learn how to master the fretboard in the simplest way.
  • Understand how scales and keys work.
  • How to build triads and 7th chords and play them seemlessly across the neck.
  • Learn the essentials of Major scales and pentatonics.
  • Great real world tips and tricks to simplify music theory and apply INSTANTLY. No music school BS.
  • Community for Q&A and student interactions. 

Daniel Seriff is a professional guitarist who has dedicated his life's work to guitar composition and education. 


What People Are Saying:

Street Music Theory is an invaluable resource for any guitarist wanting to know more about music theory. A solid foundation in theory and learning how to creatively build music and improvise only makes your playing better. This book is exactly what you need to do this.

Rueben B.

Daniel’s new interactive book is an amazing tool for all levels. Student or teacher, the presentation (through text/diagram/video) is easy to follow and easy to use! Using this book is a sure way to build fretboard self-awareness.

Payton H,

Daniel Seriff is one of my favorite musicians and a terrific guitar teacher. I am a Finnish musician and guitar teacher, still very much interested in developing my musical skills. I really appreciate Daniel’s work on the diagonal pentatonic method. Daniel explains his concept in a crystal clear way in the videos. His use of technology to deliver the learning points, is spot on. Daniel's concept is a visionary and useful approach to breaking out of the use of stationary so called pentatonic boxes - a traditional approach that has led as many guitarists to get stuck as it has helped others advance. All of the exercises are relevant and useful, and the backing tracks are damn sweet - stuff that you will go back to many times after the course. This is a great course that will help both players and teachers alike. Highly recommended!

Jukka P.

$30.00 USD


  • The Diagonal Pentatonic scale is a revolutionary way to master the Pentatonic Scale in Major and Minor across the entire guitar neck
  • Incredibly simple system that breaks you out of the pentatonic box
  • Play in any key fluidly
  • Play anywhere on the guitar neck flawlessly
  • Break out of the box and feel fluent with Major and Minor pentatonics.

Use this breakthrough method to easily understand what you’re playing, master the fretboard, and communicate more effectively with other musicians.