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The Diagonal Pentatonic Method

If you're stuck in the pentatonic boxes, then this is the course for you.

What you'll get:

  • Clear video walkthrough of the method
  • 80 plus exercises with interactive tablature
  • Over 40 jam tracks

This course has been recently updated with the newest information. Learn to break out of the pentatonic boxes with this simple and effective method. 

What People Are Saying:

Daniel Seriff is one of my favorite musicians and a terrific guitar teacher. I am a Finnish musician and guitar teacher, still very much interested in developing my musical skills. I really appreciate Daniel’s work on the diagonal pentatonic method. Daniel explains his concept in a crystal clear way in the videos. His use of technology to deliver the learning points, is spot on. Daniel's concept is a visionary and useful approach to breaking out of the use of stationary so called pentatonic boxes - a traditional approach that has led as many guitarists to get stuck as it has helped others advance. All of the exercises are relevant and useful, and the backing tracks are damn sweet - stuff that you will go back to many times after the course. This is a great course that will help both players and teachers alike. Highly recommended!

Jukka P.

As studied and talented a musician as Daniel is, and that is considerably studied and talented, beyond that, he has a beautifully natural and intuitive gift for teaching

Rob S.

Few people possess the ability to perform at a master level yet have the patience and talent to teach. Daniel not only helps me build repertoire but instills an understanding of music theory and how to put it to practical use. His approach is motivational yet challenging. I look forward to my session each week.

Linwood J.

Daniel’s Diagonal Pentatonic Method has totally opened up my appreciation for and use of the entire fret board. It is remarkable that by knowing this simple pattern, I can easily recognize how to move around in a scale, improvise more easily, and overall become a much better guitarist and musician.

Pete S.